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By the Numbers - A Look at the Large Truck & Bus Crash Facts (2018): Part 4 - What Do We Do About the Numbers?

The most recent report showed there were almost a half million crashes involving large trucks in 2018. So what can we do to reduce that number?

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Upgrade In-Service Vehicles with The Latest Safety Systems

Did you know there’s a way to enhance your fleet’s in-service vehicle safety and stay up-to-date with the latest Bendix safety systems? The solution lies in the Bendix® Upgrade Program.

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By the Numbers - A Look at the Large Truck & Bus Crash Facts (2018): Part 3 - More Info on Collisions

Collisions, especially with other vehicles, are the big cause of crashes, more so than rollovers and jackknifes. In this part, we’ll do a little deeper dive on different types of collisions.

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School Bus Safety: Bendix® Intellipark® Electronic Parking Brake

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Preventive Maintenance for Automatic Slack Adjusters

This installment of Bendix Tech Tips provides simple advice for ensuring correct brake stroke, safety, and performance

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How To Ensure Your Compressor is Delivering High-Quality Air

This installment of the Bendix Tech Tips series focuses on air-quality requirements and how to make sure your compressor is delivering air that will keep your vehicle’s connected systems operating safely.

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Upkeep and Maintenance of Steering Gears

Proper inspection and installation provide support for advanced safety systems

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