“Essential.” Hardly a day goes by now when we don’t hear that word to describe someone or something. Other words – like “critical,” “vital,” “key” – are used almost as frequently. But what does it really mean when these words are uttered?

The coronavirus pandemic has altered our entire global landscape. You’d be hard-pressed to find a part of the world that has not felt the impact in one way or another. Life, however, continues on. We may be taking more precautions than ever, and perhaps avoiding places here and there, but the need, or desire, to have some semblance of a normal life (whatever that may mean nowadays) will always bubble to the top.

So, I go back to that word, “essential.”

We’ve all seen commercials of the hard-working doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have worked countless hours and quite literally put their lives at risk to help those who were sick. “Thank you” doesn’t seem nearly enough. Or the teachers – who almost overnight had to adapt to an entirely new style of education – who didn’t let our youth miss out on months of their education. (And let’s not forget the parents who were just as heavily involved, in many cases.) An A+ job all around.

How about the grocery stores? Sure, some aisles were a little more barren than others, but those folks made sure that there would be food and drink to put on our tables. A toast to them.

This could go on and on and on. But how about one more? How about the men and women who crisscross our cities, states, and country on a daily basis? The women and men who might go days and weeks without seeing their families? The men and women who turn the ignition on their truck or delivery vehicle every day? Making sure those doctors and nurses get their PPE. Making sure those school supplies arrive at your home (along with all of those other online purchases!). Making sure those grocery store shelves stay stocked.

Day in and day out, being a professional driver requires skill and responsibility. It demands courage and commitment. It brings out the best in the everyday heroes whose generosity and compassion know no bounds.

From all of us at Bendix, to the women and men behind the wheel of those trucks and vehicles … THANK YOU. You are critical. You are vital. You are key. And not just in pandemic times. In good times, and in those not so good, you are ESSENTIAL.

To the rest of us: Next time you see a truck driver, give them a nice, big, loud … “Thank you!”

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